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Can you honestly say you feel FABULOUS?

I help individuals concerned about weight, energy and cranky body parts feel sexy, strong and sassy! I do this through identifying healing opportunities and educating on the inter-connectedness of symptoms, health history, food choices, lifestyle, and labwork. It's like having a private detective for your health.


We can work together in person if you are local, or otherwise – by phone or Zoom

Utilizing a Functional Nutrition approach, I tailor a nutrition action plan just for you. I believe food is very powerful and will utilize “food as medicine” approach as much as possible together with targeted supplement support as needed. I understand what it takes to implement change. This helps me make my recommendations “real”. I don't just provide a list of WHAT to do, but also help you on HOW to do it and WHY.  Let me be your guide in becoming the healthiest YOU!

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