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Helpful kitchen tools

  • glass containers w/lids such as Anchor or Pyrex (glass preferred over plastic)

  • plastic containers/lids (BPA free) for cold storage only

  • stainless steel containers

  • shaker cup or mason jar with cap insulated lunch bag/cooler

  • silicone "travel" containers

  • kitchen scale

  • blender, vitamix, immersion blender

  • Instant Pot or other multi function cooker

  • Stainless/glass electric kettle

  • sharp knives/sharpener

  • naturally non-stick pans (ceramic, cast-iron)

  • silicone bags such as Stasher (storing washed & chopped veggies)

  • Mandolin and/or spiralizer

  • Silicone muffin pan

  • Silpat silicone tray liners

  • Parchment paper

  • Glass spray bottles

  • Reusable silicone tops/lids

  • Silicone or stainless straws

  • Plastic, stainless and/or silicone mason jar lids (replace the tin ones that rust)

Helpful links:

Go HERE to order natural foods from Thrive Market

Go HERE for Pastured Meats and Wild Fish from Butcher Box


glass containers w/lids (glass preferred over plastic):


stainless steel containers for water:


Ball Pint Jar

cheaper to buy by the dozen (dozens of uses!)


Mason Jar accessories  


silicone "travel" containers for dressings, cream, condiments:


kitchen scale


naturally non-stick pans only (ceramic, cast-iron) EXAMPLE

Mandolin and/or spiralizer


Silicone muffin pan:


Silpat silicone tray liners:


Instant POT:

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