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Nutrition Services

Discovery Call:  Complementary 15 minute phone call/in office meeting to discuss your main health concerns and how working with a Functional Nutritionist may be able to help. 

Initial Health Assessment Session:  A 60-90 minute session to discuss your detailed intake form, review health concerns, goals, and healing opportunities. You will leave with a better understanding of the interconnectedness of your imbalances, their potential root causes, proposed sessions topics to address these and recommended labs to gain further insights into your unique healing opportunities.  $275

Total Rejuvenation Lab Program:  Learn to become a health detective as you investigate and resolve the root cause of your main health complaints using functional labs.  You will receive a lab-guided healing protocol with components spanning nutrition, rest, movement, stress relief and natural supplements.  $375/mo with a 3 month minimum program.  Lab work charges additional cost. 

Jump Start Program:  A nutrition and lifestyle program (no lab work) that helps to identify your individual ideal diet and lifestyle to help you optimize your weight and health.  Ongoing support and accountability to help make sustainable changes.  6 weeks $600

Guided Metabolic Cleanse Program:  15 day program using nutritional supplements and “clean” food eating plan.  Cost includes “kit” with shakes and supplements, guide book, shopping lists, recipes plus pre-cleanse consultation and email support during program.  $297 (discount for repeat programs $197)

A La Carte Services: 

Individual Food Sensitivity test :  You have the opportunity to run a food sensitivity test even if you are not doing a consultation package. This is followed by a full review your report, discuss trends within the results, and create an individualized protocol to help resolve any identified food sensitivities.  $375 includes test kit and review

Review Existing Lab data:  Whether you bought a lab test kit online or have a report from a practitioner you’ve worked with, this is an opportunity to get a second set of eyes on lab reports.  We will use this time to ensure markers are within the functional reference range and discuss the potential dynamics within your body or lifestyle that may be playing a role.   $150

Grocery Store Tour:  (local clients only) A 60-90 minute tour with shopping guide to help you confidently navigate the grocery store without falling victim to tempting food marketing.  You will leave with a better knowledge of the products to look for and nutritionist approved brands.  $150 and up

Food Prep Tutorial: (local clients only) A 60-90 minute customized food preparation class based on individual needs and goals.  Want to learn a few recipes for the Instant Pot?  Curious about superfood smoothie boosters?   Tips for how to cook once, eat thrice?  and more…. $150 and up

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